How to avoid smell of mold on clothes

By January 18, 2018Laundry Tips

How to avoid smell of mold on clothes

COMO EVITAR CHEIRO DE MOFO EM ROUPAS - How to avoid smell of mold on clothes

The main reason why clothes smell like mildew is because they’ve been wet for a long time. We know that it is easier to say than to make your children or others hang their wet clothes instead of leaving them on the floor, but that helps a lot.

Even clothes that are not wet can start to smell like mold if it stays still for a long time, so always try to wash your clothes often enough so that it does not happen.

Who doesn’t forget the wet clothes inside the washing machine for days? If it’s never happened to you, it’s going to happen someday. If this happens once in a while, welcome to the club! If you are one of those who always do this, here’s a tip: Start getting the routine of checking the washing machine before bedtime. This will help so that you do not forget some part in the washer, or even remember to leave the door of the washing machine open.

Yes, it is very important that you always leave the door of your washer open until dry. Because this may be one of the gold motifs by which your clothes smell moldy, your machine may be dirty, eww.

Stay tuned in our post that will be on how to clean your washing machine!

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