Learn how to clean silk clothes

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How to clean silk clothes

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Silk is one of the most used fabrics, especially for special occasions. This fabric is considered one of the most durable fabrics.

If you take good care of the products made of silk, they can also become heirlooms. Thus, to increase your useful life, it is essential to properly care for and use the correct method of cleaning. The following are a few steps you can use to clean your silk fabrics without destroying them:

1. You should use fresh or lukewarm water to wash your precious silk items. To rinse it is preferable to use cold water.

2. Also make sure to use a mild detergent when cleaning natural fabrics such as silk, wool, cotton, etc. This way, your clothes will not be damaged by detergents. To increase the lifespan of your silk, use a liquid detergent. These detergents also help to preserve the color of delicate fabrics like silk.

3. Do not let delicate fabrics soak like silk in the water for a long period of time, since they can easily get damaged, thereby reducing their life span.

4. When washing silk clothes by hand, wash gently. It is preferable not to twist silk clothes to remove excess water, squeeze it gently. If you twist, it will stretch and ruin the fabric.

5. When you have finished washing the silk garment, rinse it in cold water a few times to make sure that the entire detergent has been removed. Sometimes dark colors tend to drop paint, which is usually caused by excessive dye use. If this happens, rinse the fabric until the water is transparent.

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