Clothes Washing

servico6 3 min - Clothes Washing

The Clean Express laundry develops special cleaning processes for each piece and a specific treatment for each type of clothing, covering all varieties of fabrics and respecting international cleaning standards that are included in manufacturers’ wash instruction labels.

Forms of services:

PER KILO – Your day to day clothes that can be washed together with lower cost and greater benefit as: Household linen, shorts, jeans, t-shirts, etc.

INDIVIDUAL PIECES – Pieces that need special care as: Suits, jackets, social trousers, social shirts, woolen garments, silk clothes, wedding and party dresses, leather pieces, etc.

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Everyday clothes
Household Linen
Suits, Jackets, Blazers
Social pants and shirts
Pieces of Wool
Leather parts
Silk garments
Party dresses

We serve

Itajaí, Balneário Camboriú, Camboriú Itapema, Porto Belo, Firecrackers, Mariners, Piçarras, Penha, Barra Velha.


We perform pick up and delivery of clothes upon payment of delivery fee. To enquire about prices, call (47) 3348-5675 and speak to one of our operators.