How to keep carpets and rugs clean

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How to keep carpets and carpets clean

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Whether at home or in an apartment, cleaning carpets and carpets is a very important procedure. Proper cleaning does not only work for an aesthetic reason, but also for the sake of health.

In real estate where children and pets are played, carpets and rugs will probably be subjected to stains of the most varied types. In addition, the dust that comes from the street also makes it difficult for them to always be clean.

Those who enjoy constantly gathering friends and relatives at home, should also know that common accidents are enemies of the rugs. That is, a spilt juice and even branes of cake and bread contribute to the accumulation of dirt.

The importance of keeping carpets and carpets clean

Keeping carpets and carpets properly cleaned and well brushed is important to keep everyone’s health in the home. Thus, it is possible to reduce the presence of mites and bacteria that can generate respiratory disorders.

Environments that have carpets and carpets must also always be properly ventilated, as dust mites and other micro-organisms often proliferate in rugs that are in low-ventilated locations.

Even carpets and carpets presenting thinner fabrics accumulate, for example, chemical residues of products such as insecticides and perfumes. In some cases such waste can affect the health of the residents.

Thus, to avoid such problems and still ensure a clean and beautiful environment, the process of hygiene of carpets and carpets becomes fundamental.

For this reason, who seeks houses for rent in Curitiba and is interested in one that has carpet, or wants to decorate the room or the room with beautiful rugs, should always be attentive to the cleanliness.

Clean effectively

The complete hygiene of carpets and carpets can be done by means of specialized companies in the business. These companies have adequately trained professionals and products suitable for hygiene.

However, if you prefer, cleaning can be done by yourself every day. This way you can maintain the structure and beauty of carpets and carpets, as well as prevent the proliferation of bacteria in your home.

Remember that in order to facilitate the hygiene process, both carpets and carpets, it is important that the environment receives light and fresh air. So never leave the rooms closed for long. Air circulation is important.

Every day it is important to open the doors and windows, let the sunlight in and the air circulate freely through the environment. In this way, it hinders the proliferation of fungi and other micro-organisms.

Learn how to clean the carpet

Imagine The situation: You are in search of apartments for rent in Curitiba and finally found one that fell to your liking, but see that it has carpet. Soon you think that carpet is hard to keep clean and then gives up the business.

It is not necessary to leave the apartment of your dreams because of this detail. Know that with simple and daily care the carpet can be preserved for a long time.

In addition, the carpet operates in the environment as an efficient anti-slip, thus avoiding slips and tumbles that can be painful. Therefore, in homes that have elderly people and children, he is of great value.

Then check out some basic tips that will help keep your carpet always clean, with minimal dust and beautifying the place.

The vacuum cleaner: It is considered one of the fastest and most efficient ways to assist in the preservation of the carpet. The vacuum cleaner is important because it manages to remove grains and particles that are difficult to reach.

It is valid to pass the vacuum cleaner at least once or twice a week. By doing this procedure, you prevent dust from piling up on the carpet. The accumulation of dust contributes to the proliferation of mites and fungi, for example.

Removing stains from carpet: coffee, soda, paint, sauce, anyway, small accidents involving liquid and viscous substances are a nightmare for those who want to keep carpets free of dirt.

Nowadays it is possible to rely on chemicals specific to use on carpets, but there is also the possibility of counting on natural products, one of them is vinegar.

The vinegar, in this case, is a liquid product with a pH that makes it an efficient cleaning agent. This makes it useful to remove stains and odors. In addition, it is safe for children and pets.

It is worth remembering that before using vinegar or any other product in order to clean the carpet, it is important to pass the vacuum cleaner. With this, all the particles that make it difficult to clean are removed.

Learn how to clean the carpet

Because they have varied sizes and shapes, the rugs are indispensable for those who crave to give a creative touch in the decoration of the environment. There are rugs of different colors and styles and such features make them quite versatile.

But if you think rugs are hard to clean, know that there are practical ways to keep them always beautiful and preserved. So check out some tips.

Do not dismiss the vacuum cleaner: As with carpets, the main ally to assist in the removal of tiny particles that are trapped in the deeper layers, the vacuum cleaner is very important.

In this context, passing the vacuum cleaner weekly prevents unwanted accumulation of dust and other particles. Letting dirt accumulate can even damage the texture of the carpet.

Dry cleaning with Natural products: This method of cleanliness is very practical and does not cause damage to the carpet. Among the natural products for this procedure, it is possible to rely on the mixture of baking soda and cornstarch.

The vinegar, as well as on the carpet, is also efficient for cleaning, as it operates in the fibers and deeper layers. Thanks to these features, it removes stains and eliminates undesirable odors.

What should be avoided when cleaning rugs: it is necessary to avoid passing hard-bristled brooms, as friction can damage the mat.

The use of powdered soap is also not recommended because the particles can be housed in the structure.


 As we could see, whether at home, apartment, or in kitnets for rent in Curitiba, the care with carpets and carpets is essential to keep the environment beautiful and free of mites.

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