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Nossos serviços personalizado


Our always personalized service comes from the years of experience that Lavanderia Clean Express acquired with its customers.
Our goal is always to provide our customers with quality service and always looking to help the environment, such as:
– Using high quality equipment;

– Capture and treatment of rainwater;

– Utilizamos Estação de Tratamento de Esgoto (ETE);

– Biodegradable products that decompose in the environment in a short period of time and sustainable that reduce environmental pollution;
– Recycling hangers: Returning the hangers you took from our store, you get discounts.


In addition to the range of services that Clean Express Laundry offers in order to provide convenience:
– Search and Delivery Service
– Social Networks, Whatsapp and Website for contact
– Cleaning Sofas, Carpets, Chairs and Armchairs in your home. Quickly and without any mess.
– Carpet cleaning of all types and colors
– Washing of day-to-day clothes, party clothes, graduations and weddings
– Commercial Service for Small and Large Companies
– Washing of bedding, duvets, blankets and blankets
- Dry cleaning
– Cleaning and Sanitation of Stuffed Animals