How to take smoke odor from your clothes

By January 4, 2018Laundry Tips

Learn how to end up with smoke odors on your clothes.

odor de fumaca - How to take smoke odor from your clothes

How to get rid of smoke odors in clothes that can not go to washing machine?

We all know that smell. The smell of smoke that persists in getting on your clothes, after that night in the ballad or after a barbecue with friends or family.

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Fresh air

The first thing a smoke-smelling piece needs is fresh air. Hang the piece in a ventilated area, or better yet, hang it out of the house. It’s amazing what a little sun and fresh air can do.

SPRAY to take ODOR 

If the odor of smoke still stays, leaves your garment still hanging and use a spray to take out the odor, you can find odor eliminator sprays in any supermarket.


Steam is another option for clothes that can not go to washing machine. First check the manufacturer’s label to make sure you can use steam and not spoil your piece. Use the steam throughout the piece, slowly and make sure you didn’t leave any part out.

* Clean Express Laundry always recommends you to follow the instructions of the manufacturers on the label.

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