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For each type of rug there is a cleaning procedure, some rugs require dry cleaning as well as some clothes, others may go through the normal procedure of washing with water.

But it is not enough to know just which procedure to use, you need to  know which product to use, because if you’re not using the correct procedure or product it can result in stains the rug.

The products and cleaning must be done correctly too, otherwise your rug won’t be cleaned correctly, causing bad smell, proliferation of fungus, damaging the fibres and sometimes causing mold.

In some cases, some rugs need to pass by several times the same cleaning procedure, depending on how it was used and maintained. Drying efficiency is also part of the appropriate procedure, for this reason Clean Express uses a system of water extraction in 90% , the rest of the dirt embedded in the fibers and any leftover product will leave permanent easily. Your carpet will be soft and with a super nice smell.

The dry cleaning process of rugs consists of using biodegradable solvents and with easy evaporation.

The Clean Express Laundry has a trained staff ready to assist you. Any questions, please contact us!

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